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Nice to see you here. 
We, Natalie  & Maurits, are your guides on board and see it as a privilege to be able to live and work in one of Europe's most beautiful nature reserves. We thoroughly enjoy the ship, sailing and our surroundings.
The Eendracht has been in this area for more than a century and we hope that our children and grandchildren will also once enjoy this privilege. That is why, amongst other things, we generate energy whilst sailing, use LED lighting, don't rinse our toilets with drinkingwater and use ecofriendly cleaning products. 

Welcome on board!

Eendracht zeilen

Hotel Ship Eendracht Terschelling


We sail, you stay!

Coming winter, we won't be taking off our sails, blocks and ropes. All the hatches and seats will stay at their place and the beds will be made. We'll keep sailing and be available as hotelship across the country. Spend the night on board in the nicest places. Celebrate the holidays or just take a weekend off with your family! Sailing hotel Eendracht is available.

More information on staying on board in the finest harbor towns of Holland

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